All-into-One FLASH Mixer

All-into-One FLASH Mixer 3.5

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All into One FLASH Mixer is a Flash design tool to join Flashs, picture files and text into a single Flash file with drag and drop. With Flash joiner, making Flash is never been easy. The way to use AiO Flash Mixer is easy: drag your Flash file and drop it to the workspace. Thus, a Flash is added, you can follow the same steps to add more SWF.Choose a Flash from the workspace, you can change, scale, rotate and switch the depth of Flash. All the processes are visually, it makes you work better and simplier. The saved Flash file is the same as it displays on the workspace. Besides setting the size and speed of Flash, you can add a picture as the background. It includes a picture editor and Flash Text creator, you can crop, scale and rotate the picture more easily. In order to create a fantastic Flash quickly, we offer a series free Flash ClipArts, you need drag the ClipArts into the workspace only.

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